24 February 2012

Random Friday Facts

- I am always worried that I will accidentally drink one of Mr. Sweetie's "good" bottles of wine on a random night with my girlfriends. I think I need to put labels on the bottles stating either "Have At It" or "Do Not Touch."

- I ate an untoasted bagel as an appetizer this morning while I waited for my main breakfast bagel to toast.

- Lately Hoover has been making a mad dash for the great outdoors whenever I open the front door. Is life really that bad in our household? He wouldn't last 5 minutes outside - last time he escaped he ended up hiding in the bushes until we rescued him.

- I don't like to share my food. But I have no problem taking food off of other people's plates.

- Ketchup is gross.

- I can't stand cantaloupe and melon but I really like watermelon.

- The bike commute home didn't happen today - flat tire, womp womp. Bike is now sadly sitting in the parking garage at work.

- I've been staying up past my bedtime way too often lately.

- One of my proudest moments: chasing down a guy who snatched my purse, tackling him, and getting my purse back.

- I've left the dog out of his crate all week and NOTHING was destroyed. My puppy is all grown up and responsible now!

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