19 February 2012

Workouts, Friends, and Food!

So I had a pretty decent weekend. It was one of those that started out with no plans or preconceived notions and turned into something unexpectedly great. Let's face it, any weekend that begins with cookies and beer for dinner is bound to be a winner.

The Workouts: Spring made an early appearance and it was impossible not to go biking outdoors in the sunny, mid-50s weather. I even forgot my biking gloves and was totally fine. Almost too warm in my jacket. Looks like I packed some of the heat from Burkina in my suitcase and brought it back to the States with me. Hill repeats were on tap so I headed over to Rosslyn to give the hill some love in the form of my bicycle. The ride finished with some loops at a moderate pace around Hains Point. So, question: has a roller blader ever tried to draft off you and your bike? No? Well, it's just as obnoxious as when a total stranger on the bike tries to draft off you. Maybe even more obnoxious because it also bruises your ego. I was starting my first loop and this random stranger with wheels attached to his feet is suddenly all up in my business. At first I figured I would just pedal harder and speed ahead of him but he was like a pesky fly that would not go away. He was so close to my back wheel he could've kissed it. Ew. I finally had to ask him, loudly, politely, and firmly to leave me the heck alone. And he did. Whew. I had a t-run after my ride. I considered taking the dog with me, but he'd already had one trip to the dog park and I wanted to focus on the run. I'm happy with how I felt during the bike and run, especially because the run went better than I thought. I was also pretty darn tired afterwards, but in a good way.
Today my dog had his longest run - 12:75 miles. We didn't name him Miles for nothing. We did our run while cheering on the runners at the GW Birthday Marathon in Greenbelt, MD. That course is great because it's three loops and mostly on quiet streets. Miles and I ran the course backwards and got to see my friends totally kill the race, it was pretty great. Normally I'm not big on spectating at races, I feel envious of the racers. But today was the best of both worlds - no pressure for racing but still a good workout. AND I got to see co-workers, friends, and triathlon club friends who were all doing the race.

The Friends: I feel so lucky to have so many great friends - you all truly enrich my life and I love every second I spend with you! This weekend was spent with a friend from high school, one of my neighbors, tri club friends, friends from work, friends from my old job, etc etc etc. Best weekend ever!

The Food: No baking frenzy in my kitchen this weekend (besides some oreo balls, which doesn't really count as baking since I didn't even turn on my oven), too busy being social. Friday night I had beer and cookies for dinner. Sometimes being an adult is pretty great when it comes to doing whatever the heck you want. I have peppermint bark in my fridge right now (thank you Georgia!) and I had a few bites for breakfast :). I have *two* bagels for breakfast yesterday (the good kind from Brueggers Bagels - there is nothing better in life than a good bagel). I devoured a huge slice of Brie cheese with a baguette. I made this soup that's completely vegetarian but, due to the red wine that's in it, it tastes hardy, like beef stew. But it's way healthier. And I was the dork walking around the dog park slurping up pasta from a tupperware container yesterday afternoon. I call this multi-tasking.

This coming week is looking good on all the aforementioned fronts. I'm excited for more swimbikerun, more time spent with friends, and of course, more food.


ADC said...

What are oreo balls?

Katie said...

we need to ride together ok thanks. on saturday I did 3x the conte's loops, hills are delicious!

Caroline said...

Angelina - they are unhealthy and totally awesome little balls of heaven (think: oreos, cream cheese, and white chocolate). I will make some for you next time I see you. I'm hoping to slip some into the sag support vehicle during camp so I can enjoy some at Windy Point.

Katie - AGREE we need to ride together. Name the time and place! I'm serious!