10 August 2012

Random Friday Facts

- Whenever I wash my hair, the dialogue from Billy Madison goes through my head.  ... Conditioner is better, I make the hair silky and smooooooth... Stop looking at me swan!

- I hate football season.  With the fiery passion of 1,000 burning suns.

- I'm finding it hard to happily keep up with healthy habits I had going before Ironman now that the big race is over.  What is the harm in one more chocolate covered pretzel or a big hunk of brie cheese?  Notice I said happily - I'm doing relatively well with it, but I'm craving the bad stuff alot more than I was earlier in the summer.

- I love the Summer Olympics more than just about any other sporting event.  Watching the Olympics in person is on my bucket list.

- I'm really bad at sending stuff in the mail.

- I rarely talk on the phone anymore.  My 12 year old self would be shocked at this news.

- Sometimes I wish I had straight hair that always did what I wanted it to do.

- Shark Week starts this weekend - and after that we are canceling cable again (we only installed it for the TdF, Olympics, and might as well keep it for Shark Week).

- I've been eating meat again, on occasion.  This mostly happens if there is bacon around.

- But then I have conflicting feelings after I eat the meat - what was the animal fed during its lifetime, how was it raised, it's probably full of hormones.  I really don't know what I want right now.

- My dog blows bubbles into his water dish and then looks around for the source of the bubbles.  He iz smaht.

- I am almost to the halfway mark of reading 50 books in 2012.  Sadly, I am also well past the halfway mark of 2012.  Good thing the Olympics are over soon and cable is out the door shortly thereafter.


Em said...

You should come to Silver Spring during Shark Week - they have a giant blow-up shark on the Discovery Channel Building there. Quite exciting!

Katie said...

hate football season? our friendship takes a dive.

Dick said...

Sweetie, you got your mom's hair in the gene pool runoff. Never gonna be straight. N-E-V-E-R. Oxox. Dad