31 August 2012

Random Friday Facts

- I love roasted broccoli

- The New Englander used to dislike country music, but now I think it's pretty alright.

- Mighty Malt milk balls taste better than Whoppers but both make you feel gross after eating half a carton.

- At work there is an elevator and a set of stairs that go down one floor to the parking garage. When I take the stairs at the same time someone is getting in the elevator, I race them to the bottom. They don't know I'm racing them, but I still like it when I win

- I'm not a fan of licorice.

- Body surfing is just as fun as an adult as it was as a kid.

- I'm intimidated by the post office

- My dietary self-discipline has been on permanent hiatus since Lake Placid (see: half a carton of malted milk balls). I'm bothered enough by it to enact a chocolate/sweets embargo until after Vegas 70.3. The embargo will be lifted for birthday cake.

- Speaking of birthday cake, every year I have a carrot cake for my birthday. Surprisingly, not a chocolate one.

- Sometimes I get cranky that DC is 2+ hours from the ocean beaches. Inconvenient.

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