01 August 2012

Wait - I have a race in a few weeks?

So this week I've gotten back to the regularly scheduled workouts - I've been to the pool twice, I've gotten on my bike, done strength training, and running will come later this week.  BUT I'm still eating like I'm on training hiatus. Ummmm, I think I ate more frosting-from-a-can today than fruits or vegetables.  I'm giving myself until this weekend to be lax with my eating habits, then it's time to get back to business, pay attention to eating enough vegetables and fruit, and throw out the can of frosting. Seriously.

Last year after IMLP, I remember losing focus on the rest of the season, even though I had three more half Ironmans in the later summer/early fall.  I ate oreo cake for days.  I think I took about a two week hiatus from serious training.  I don't think I ever really got my head 100% back in the game.  I'm trying not to let that happen to me this year.  In the next 5-6 weeks I have Age Group Nationals up in Burlington and then 70.3 Worlds out in Vegas.  I think I'm excited to get back into it.  I think I'm ready to get back to focusing on racing.  And this is shorter stuff, which is sometimes more fun than going long.  I don't have anything on the schedule for after Vegas, but I have my eye on two more half Ironmans and maybe one more olympic distance race.

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The Miller Family said...

Hopefully the mini eggs are gone! AG Nats should be fun - I wish I was going but we are away. Glad you enjoyed your downtime.