04 December 2012

Monday Fail!

Happy Monday!  I forget where I've seen this quote, so forgive me for not attributing it to anyone - but Mondays are a crummy way to spend 1/7th of your life.  Really.  But I suppose we need Mondays to fully appreciate the awesomeness that is Friday or Saturday or Sunday.

So without further ado - I give you the MONDAY FAIL post.

We have the photo fail of trying to get one of the cats and the dog to sit still for a picture:
Bissell misbehaves
Miles looks a little nervous
Bissell clocks Miles on the head
And everyone disperses.  Good try!
Then we have my Christmas decorating ambition fail.  All weekend, as well as Monday, I had grand plans to decorate the house for the season.  This was as far as I managed to get:
The glass Christmas tree I've had since childhood
Maybe I'll get around to decorating sometime this week.  We also have the leg lamp gracing our front window.  Mr. Sweetie has grand plans of trying to keep it there year round (maybe cement it to the end table?), but my office is sad, empty, and currently lit with terrible overhead lights now that the leg lamp has departed for the season.  I'm already counting down the days to when it makes its welcomed return.
Hoover approves of the lamp only around the holidays
This next bit I wouldn't call a fail - but I am sure the cats would.  They hate their holiday hats and the only way we can get them to wear the hats is if we feed them - then they are too distracted to care.
Bissell is also stealing Hoover's food and they both made a giant mess.
And the other Monday fail - tripping and falling off the sidewalk on my run commute to the Metro.  Apparently I can handle a relatively technical trail race, but give me a sidewalk and WATCH OUT!  Arriving at the office covered in dirt with a bloody knee (though I somehow managed to avoid getting dirt or blood on my IMLP finisher shirt - no idea how) takes Monday awesomeness to a whole new level.


The Miller Family said...

Your pictures of your animals remind me of my pictures of my kids...they are not all that different you know...Happy December!

Beth said...

Poor Miles!! Those pictures are hilarious...mostly I like the expressions on your face!! :) Oh, and you are much farther along on your decorating than me! :)

Katie said...

These pictures are AMAZING. I miss you.

Caroline said...

Heehee Stacey - then maybe Bissell has been a good investment in terms of readying me for parenthood down the road! Beth, I love puppy pictures too. I think I was the only happy one in those photos though, haha. Maybe if we are lucky we will both have some Christmas decorations up by the holiday itself? KATIE COME HOME!