07 December 2012

Random Friday Facts

- I'm in my thirties and lucky enough to still have three out of my four grandparents.

- Classical Christmas music is my favorite.  In fact, anytime I hear classical music, even if it is not related to Christmas and it's in July, it still makes me think of the holidays, just a little bit.

- Bissell has made it his mission to seek out and destroy his holiday hat.

- If we're talking classic Christmas music, Frank Sinatra's Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is a favorite.  And poptastic music?  The version of All I Want for Christmas is You from the Love Actually soundtrack.

- If our bedroom was bigger, it would be tempting to purchase a king size bed so we could comfortably coexist with the dog and two cats at night.  SOMEONE with fur and four legs and 55 pounds is a BEDHOG.

- I follow 51 people on Twitter and I'm already a bit overwhelmed with trying to keep up with everyone's tweets. Kudos to those who can follow hundreds of people and not feel like they are drowning.

- I used to think I was good at multi-tasking. I'm a girl, it's what scientific studies have said I am supposed to be good at. But, really, I'm terrible at it. Talk on the phone and drive, NOPE! Use Facebook and actually accomplish other tasks? Doesn't happen. Talk to Mr. Sweetie while I'm reading a book? I just get cranky.

- I'm visiting my college roommate Erin and her daughter (my goddaughter) this weekend. My goddaughter just turned 3 and I haven't seen her in about 8 months. She's probably a totally different child than the one I saw in April.

- I just got an invite to my 10 year college reunion in the mail. TEN YEAR! I'm going to wake up tomorrow and be in a nursing home.

- I've been driving our Honda Accord for seven years and I've managed not to put a single dent in it. Given my previous track record with cars (both mine and other people's), this is particularly impressive.

- Sometimes I wish I was more adventurous/trendy in my daily outfit selection, but I'm pretty sure I probably already have days where I look like I went back to the 90s, raided someone's closet, and got dressed in the dark.

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