21 December 2012

Random Friday Facts

- I love Gouda cheese.  Love it.

- Mr. Sweetie wrapped all of my gifts and put them under the tree today.  While he was out running errands, the dog unwrapped ALL OF THEM and chewed the packaging.

- We have only done photo Christmas cards once.  I haven't wanted to do them again because I don't think we can top our 2010 version.
It would be redundant to feel up the leg lamp for the Christmas Card every year, right?
- I prefer white wine over red.

- We finally, FINALLY have a new desk.  Well, a new-to-us desk.  Thanks Katie and Thom, I'm very happy to say goodbye to the Ikea desk that was the bane of my existence during grad school.

- The baking of my family's traditional Christmas bread has started.  It's typically a multi-day process.  I've had this bread for Christmas almost every year of my life.  And yes, it is better than bagels.

- I was up until almost 2am baking last night.  The spirit of Christmas is to give away goodies at the same rate you receive them.  

- When I was a kid I hated the color pink but now it's one of my favorites.

- Speaking of pink, I treated myself to a Smashfest Queen pink headband at their trunk show at Tri360 on Tuesday night.  Best headband investment ever.

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