17 March 2013

High school, biking, and bib shorts

I've been lucky enough this past week to spend time with two friends from high school who were in town for visits. Katie and I went to kindergarten together, but our friendship really blossomed when we worked together at Domino's Pizza in high school. I think everyone needs a Katie in their life. She's one of the kindest, honest, loyal, and most generous people I know. Mr. Sweetie spoiled us both all week by making fantastic dinners every night (he basically made Food and Wine recipes pop out of our oven on a nightly basis). Her dog Karter and Miles became best buddies and I could see instant depression set in on Miles when Katie and Karter drove away on Friday morning. The great thing about my friendship with Katie is how easy it is - we've always been able to pick back up where we left off if we've gone a month or two without chatting and she just blended into daily life during her visit - chatting with me during my trainer rides, hanging out with Mr. Sweetie while I was on work travel, taking the dogs for a walk. It was so nice just to be. And really have a chance to catch up on the goings-on in each others' lives.

It's a challenge to get both dogs to cooperate

Best friends and best pups
And this weekend my other friend from high school, Kim, was in town with her parents for the Rock and Roll half marathon. It was really fun to do the race together, despite having a cold she had a great 4th half marathon. We had a low-key afternoon after the race before going out for a quasi-post half marathon/birthday dinner (Kim's birthday) and then out to Clarendon with group of friends. It was a good time. And today we had lunch at an Irish pub in honor of St. Patrick's Day. I haven't done anything for Saint Patrick's Day since college, but going out to lunch at Sam Beckett's in Shirlington was a perfect low-key way to spend the afternoon. In a way (if you ignore the loads of people wearing green), it was an example of what a pub stands for in Ireland - there were lots of families there having a long lunch and a few drinks with friends, really soaking in the pub atmosphere and not rushing off to do something else more important. We might make a leisurely lunch with friends a more common occurrence. It was so nice to have a chance to catch up with Kim, we don't see each other often because she lives in NY but it's great when we're able to make it happen. 

Post-race finisher picture!

Out to dinner with Kim and Tashna

St. Patrick's Day lunch at Sam Beckett's
Training this week was lighter due to a nicely-timed recovery/taper week. I had to go to our NJ office earlier in the week for work, making it a little challenging to fit everything in. I feel really good after running my race yesterday, my legs weren't terribly sore post-race and today it felt nice to stretch out my legs on the Tri360 bike ride. There was a great group out riding and I spent a fair amount of it la-dee-da chatting with Sarah and Dawn, focusing more on the chatting and a little less on the biking, but that's what social riding is all about :) I'm looking forward to spring hopefully making an appearance soon. I felt a twinge of nostalgia for the simplicity of summer biking - requiring only shorts and a shortsleeve jersey - this morning as I pulled on my tights, earwarmers, booties, and windstopper jacket. I know parts of the country are having a much worse winter (ahem, Julia. Jen) so I will keep my complaining about 40s and clouds to a minimum. But really - Are You There, Spring? It's Me, Caroline. Come around soon. Speaking of biking apparel - we got our Team Ignite kits this week - new bike jersey, tri shorts and jersey, bib shorts (I've never tried bib shorts but I've heard once you do, you never go back. And after feeling like a plumber this AM with my low-riding tights while I was in aero, I think I already believe it). I raced in my tech tee yesterday and it was super comfortable. My teammates who designed the kits did an awesome job - striking a nice balance of color and design to satisfy both genders (i.e., we don't look like Batman and we aren't covered in pink). Zoca Gear has super comfortable triathlon gear and I'm pretty excited to race and train in it. If it gets warm enough this week, the shorts might get their first workout on a bike commute - huzzah for DST and later sunsets!


Anonymous said...

I love your new hairdo. Must be a fast one!

Kathy said...

Bibs are greeeeat. You'll love them.

Caroline said...

Kgo! You are so sweet! Is it sad that I've already given up trying to blow dry my bangs and it's only been two weeks!
Kathy - I am HOOKED on the bib shorts after riding in them today. HOOKED.

anay said...

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