19 March 2013

It's almost here - Tri Camp!!!!!

It has come to my attention that in approximately two weeks I will finally be enjoying some springlike weather - in Tucson, Arizona. This has been the chilliest, grossest March I can remember here in Virginia - they have even pushed back the peak bloom dates for the cherry blossoms by a week. The weather feels like some weird twilight zone of winter without the benefit of snow - just temps hovering a little above freezing and rain. Oh, I know what it reminds me of - SPRINGTIME IN NEW ENGLAND. HA. A good reminder of why I will likely never move north again.

But about springlike weather and Tucson Arizona - it's almost time for Jen's Tucson Tri Camp, my favorite annual vacation! Do I feel ready to climb Mt Lemmon? Hmmm, not really. I was actually just thinking about this the other day, I haven't done a ton of outdoor riding and while I've ridden some short steep hills during my infrequent outdoor rides, I think the last time I did any long and gradual climbs was sometime last summer out on Skyline. It has been awhile. I know I will be fine going up Lemmon, and there will be cookies waiting for me at the top so it is a no brainer that I will happily ride up the 25 miles, but I always get a little nervous/excited when I think about this ride. Challenging and fun. I'm excited for some swimming in the outdoor pool. I finally, finally, finally think I'll be able to pull off the IM strokes without looking like a fool so I think that's what I'm most looking forward to - not looking like a bozo in the water. AND we get fun Splish suits again this year (Thanks Kate O!). I'm also planning on avoiding any run-ins with cacti during the trail runs. The first year I just stumbled into a small one, and then the next year I swear to you that a cactus jumped out and bit me and this time the needles were in alot deeper. I'm concerned what will happen if we continue that trend this year. I think I will wear kevlar-protected arm warmers on my trail run. And maybe a helmet (you can never be too careful). And I am most looking forward to seeing my friends who will be at camp - SO EXCITED! Julia doesn't know it yet, but even if we have an entire condo for just 3 or 4 of us, we are all going to somehow end up piling into her bed, snoring and kicking her. It will be great fun, right Sarah?! And thankfully Camp falls after Easter this year so MINI EGGS IN THE BENTO BOX! They will probably melt in the heat, so I might have to pack them in snow from the top of Lemmon.


ADC said...

One word - jelaous.

B.o.B. said...

Hope you're having a blast and soaking up some sun!

B.o.B. said...

Hm. I just realized I read that wrong. I hope you HAVE a blast in two weeks. LOL!

GoBigGreen said...

OK I have double thick ear plugs and some boxing gloves to do battle ok? :) just kidding. I missed you in GA this fall so no worries, we can for sure have a slumber party if we arent all too tired.
As for outdoor "anything" just be warned that JH has given us the hall pass for anyspeed but you, i think you may have to actually move fast since your feet have seen terra firma not ice, all winter. Pressure is on.
XOXO Hope i can manage to be in your lane but no more than 50 fly, and i got a size 28 suit so will you help me put it on? or cut it off me?

Caroline said...

Angelina - NEXT year we are going to eat cookies together at the top of Lemmon! It will be the best day ever!
Beth - thank you! I am so ready for some beautiful outdoor riding weather!
Juliaaaaaaa - after today's ride, there was a bit of self-doubt about how Lemmon will treat me. But I need to be positive - it will only make me stronger! You and I are going to swim together and LOVE it! And we will stage a protest for anything more than 50 fly.