04 March 2013

This is what really counts

Every weekend I am reminded about how truly lucky I am to be surrounded by some of the nicest, kindest, most generous, most FUN, and extremely talented girls that I call my friends. This goes for both triathlete friends and non-triathlete friends; friends I've known since kindergarten and friends that I've become close to over just the last year; friends that I see on a weekly basis here in DC and friends that live far away but who I still manage to stay close with, despite the distance. 

I'm not the most outgoing person and I was terribly shy growing up in elementary and middle school. Somewhere along the way in high school, I got really lucky and fell in with some really wonderful girlfriends who are still some of the best people I know. In college, my roommates and closest friends were one in the same and I miss having them right down the hall from me. Here in DC, I've met so many great people through the sport of triathlon, both through the teams I have been on and into the wider triathlon community. And through the triathlon camp down in Tucson, it is impressive how one long weekend spent on your bike climbing Lemmon and Madera Canyon and running in Sabino Canyon can forge some long-lasting and, most importantly, meaningful friendships. 

My life is too rich to adequately put into words. How did I win the jackpot in the friendship lottery? The banter over Facebook and daily emails about bike rides, monster swims, food cravings. The thoughtful letters and cards and emails when I have a big race coming up or I finally captured an elusive goal. The chatty bike rides that fly by because you're catching up with some of your favorite people about what has been happening in each other's lives. The pizza and wine nights where four of us work magic and make at least 3 pizzas disappear and good luck to any of our significant others in snagging a slice. The casual parties and get togethers, the early morning swim workouts, the bike rides in all kinds of weather, and the long run followed by brunch on the weekend. I can't imagine a better life than the way mine has turned out. I can't imagine better people to fill my time with. This is what life is really about, this is what makes it worth living - it is the people you surround yourself with. So to every single one of my girlfriends - thank you for making my life rich where it really counts. You are all irreplaceable and incredible and not a day goes by that I don't realize how lucky I am to have people like you filling up my life. 

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