21 March 2013

Veggies, Fruits, and Cones of Shame

I managed to consume about 8 servings of fruits and vegetables today. I know that's about the recommended amount and I always aim high but fall a bit short - ending up in the 5-6 servings range. I ate a banana, a container of blackberries, fresh tomato-basil soup, homemade broccoli-carrot soup, I snacked on raw broccoli and carrots at my desk and then I had my usual apples with cinnamon (and some sugar) for dessert. I'm counting the container of blackberries as two servings and the tomato-basil soup as two servings. This left precious little space for junk, but I did have some oatmeal raisin cookies that Mr. Sweetie brought home from Whole Foods for Second Dessert. I had the apple first and waited a bit and STILL wanted the cookies so I had them. YUM.

Ticket has been purchased for Tucson! Hello sunshine in less than two weeks and I am so excited to ride my bike OUTSIDE in a short-sleeved jersey.

Our cat Hoover has been wearing the cone of shame as of late. He licks his tail and pulls his fur out, probably stress related (I think he is as fed up with Bissell as we are, ha). I'm sure the cone of shame isn't helping his stress situation, but at least now he can't lick his tail bare. It has also increased his klutziness exponetially. On a daily basis he is falling off the counter and chairs when he tries to jump up because he misjudges how well his cone can share space with the espresso machine on the counter or my rear end on the chair. And yesterday he had an epic fail when he tried to run underneath the bed and the cone wouldn't fit. Skyrocketing entertainment value.

I'm all jazzed to do a decently long ride outside this weekend. I don't know where I'm riding yet, but it will NOT be on the trainer. There is also the Mid-Atlantic Tri-Mania expo happening in DC on Sunday. I've always wanted to go but this is the first year I'll be in town for it. Tri360 will be there, along with a number of other vendors. And there will be RACES. I'm doing the 5k race in the morning and then the 300yd swim in the afternoon.  Good times.


bradleyd3 said...

BWahhahaaahaaa!!!!! Love the cat story!

Caroline said...

My cat is a hot mess, that is for sure! The cone is now just added hot messiness!