01 January 2010

New Year = Day 1 Ironman Training!

Today I officially started training for Ironman France and Ironman Wisconsin. I began working with a coach, Jen Harrison, in the hopes that I can make it through the two aforementioned Ironmans a) in one piece, and b) wanting to do even more in the future. Oh, and perhaps get faster in the process too :). I've been a lazy piece of work over the past 7 weeks - haven't gone for a good swim since Ironman, haven't ridden my bike for more than 2 hours total since Ironman, and I've barely run at all. Luckily today was an easy run - my zone 2 is DEFINITELY slow, but considering how little I've done over the past few weeks (and the fact that I have a cold), the run went quite well. And I'm looking forward to tomorrow - a bike workout, furniture shopping, and sleeping late!!

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