12 March 2012

Are You Ready to Rock and Roll Half Marathon Style??

I have my first race of 2012 coming up next weekend - the Rock and Roll USA half marathon here in DC. I ran this race back in 2009 and nabbed my current 1/2 marathon PR there (btw, how many years is a PR valid for? Say I am 50 years old, can I still say that 3:26 is my marathon PR, even though the last time I ran such a time was decades earlier?) Anyway, the race is hilly on the front half, and smooth sailing downhill on the back half, a recipe for negative-splitting. I think you could even run stupid and still manage to negative-split this race (though I'm not going to do that). Do I think I have another PR in me? I don't know - anything is possible. I've been very focused on swimming and biking, with a fair amount of running mixed in, but running isn't the main event this season - triathlon is. And while I'd like to have it all (who wouldn't?), I'd rather be a better triathlete than simply a better runner right now. I do feel like I can run a time I can be proud of and this is a great opportunity to try and execute the perfect race and build confidence going into triathlon season. Plus, friends from all parts of my life are running, so if anything, there's going to be some amazing brunch opportunities post-race.

Today I made a great decision. That trip that's interfering with the first race weekend of the season in April - I'm embracing the interference. Instead of rushing home and trying to race the sprint less than 24 hours after arriving home, I'm extending my trip and hanging out in Paris for a few extra days with this girl! There will be other races and other opportunities to qualify for AG Nationals. And in 10 years, what am I going to remember most - that sprint triathlon I bombed because I was so jet lagged, or that last-minute trip to Paris filled with museums, good bread, wine, and an awesome partner-in-crime? Exactly.


Chelsea said...

Can't wait to see you!!!! :) :) :)

Calli - peer pressure's on!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Don't run stupid! That's what I did in Napa, and it's not good for PRs.

Calli said...

Ugh! I wish I could join you but I'll be in DC. So ironic! Caroline, this just means you have to come back across the pond so we can all three hang out :)

Gina said...

Have a great race, Carorline! You'll be very happy you made the decision for April - that will be fun! I miss chatting in the swim lane but am happy for you where you are now! :)

Sarah said...

Have a great race this weekend! And oh I am jealous you are going to be in Paris. Def stay the extra time there. There is always more tris to race in :)

Kgo said...

Good call. You won't regret an extended vacation! Paris > Sprint. Good luck this weekend, Caroline. Rock and Roll, in more ways than one.

Katie said...

see you this weekend! i am focusing all of my taper energy on being mad at how hot it is outside. ugh.

ADC said...

Are we talking about Paris, France?

Caroline said...

@Chelsea - Ironically, Calli will be in the US!
@Kate - I highly doubt you were running stupid - you just did an ultramarathon!!
@Calli - my grand plan is to pack Chelsea in our suitcase so we can have a bith 6th floor reunion happy hour in DC!
@Gina - I miss swimming with you guys!
@Sarah - you are totally right, and I am so excited I made this decision. That's when you know it's the right one!
@Kgo - Can't wait to watch you blow the competition away at RnR half this weekend!
@Katie - maybe it will still be relatively cool race morning? And I heard there's a possibility of rain :) See you out there!!
@Angelina - Paris FRANCE. You should come down!!! It would be amazing to see you! This was a total last minute decision - like yesterday.