15 March 2012

Race Schedule Changes

My mid-April work trip threw a monkey wrench into my initial race plan, overlapping with the first race of the season. Which then led me to retooling my whole early season race plan (this was partially helped by the fact that I signed up for the Columbia Tri yesterday after finding out there were still slots open and I desperately want to do an early season Oly for whatever reason). The Columbia Tri is May 20th or somewhere around there - it's a week after the Kinetic Half. I've unconsciously been putting off signing up for the Kinetic Half mostly because I hate that race. My team does it every year and VTS puts on a great event, so it's a fun race to attend - but that course breaks me EVERY SINGLE TIME and I wasn't jumping for joy at the thought of racing it this season.

So instead: Enter Monticelloman 70.3. Guaranteed to have a better run course because I won't be running by the finish line 3 gosh-darn times before I actually get to cross it. And it won't have a long, never-ending uphill because the website advertises it as having "flat stretches mixed with moderate hills." I like moderate hills. They are my friend. Monticelloman is two weeks before the Columbia Tri, leaving adequate time to recover to race again. Mr. Sweetie might even accompany me to the race site - word on the street is that the Charlottesville area has some decent wineries and golf, his two most favorite things after his family and the dog.

Now my early-season race schedule tizzy has finally come to an end.


Katie said...

ahhH! do rev3 knoxville instead. you need hills!

GoBigGreen said...

Oh boy, I have to decide soon on a race after St Croix. So i may be in a Tizzy at camp:) hope not! Glad you got it straight!
PS hope your half went well. I ran one today and it was hot, i imagine DC was HOTTER!

Caroline said...

@Katie - Alas, Monticelloman has been paid for! Are you doing Knoxville?
@Julia - That is BEYOND awesome that you are doing St. Croix - I can't wait to hear about it!! I love/hate putting together my race schedule. So many races, so little time (and limited money!!). How did your half go? It was warm here, but nothing ridiculous, we've had a pretty warm winter.