21 March 2012

Bike Commute - Spring is HERE!

Spring in Washington

Growing up, summer was always my favorite season. School was out, weather was warm, what's not to love? I could never understand those who said that spring was their favorite - especially in New England where snow stayed on the ground until at least April, trees didn't bloom until sometime in May, and there was that in-between season called "mud season." No, not my favorite... until I moved to Washington.

Enter: Cherry Blossoms.
Pink is the best color!

Minus the mayhem that comes with the cherry blossoms (ahem... people and LOTS of them, bad traffic on streets and sidewalks, and people forgetting their common sense and stopping their cars in the middle of the road to take photos - true story!!), this is hands-down the BEST time of year down here.

Tidal Basin on my AM ride into the city

We've had an exceptionally warm late winter, causing the cherry blossoms to bloom a few weeks early, thus giving me an absolutely fantastic bike commute home. So fantastic that I played tourist and took about 15 photos during my ride, stopping every couple blocks around the Mall and Tidal Basin. So fantastic that I pulled over and offered to take a family photo for a group of tourists (don't worry, hell is not frozen over, I checked - it's just that those darn blossoms put me in such a great mood). To top everything off, I saw friends out on the bike trail on the rest of my ride home (Hi Tim, glad the Walter Reed hill was kind to you!!) and now I'm having frozen yogurt for dessert. Huzzah! I love spring!

Blooms around the Monument

Looking towards the Tidal Basin


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