13 March 2012

Sausalito Summer Nights

The title of this post references a song from waaaayyyy back (I think it was from the 70s sometime) that I loved listening to as a kid. My dad would put on the record and I would proceed to hop around the family room to the beat. Then we outgrew the record player, moved on to a CD player, and I didn't hear the song again for at least 15 years. Fast forward to September 2001, the night before I was supposed to leave for my study abroad in France, my family and I were in my mother's minivan listening to the radio program "Lost 45s" and what comes on but "Sausalito Summer Nights." The timing couldn't have been more perfect; I was already nervous and on the verge of homesickness with the thought of being gone for four months and this song made me feel a bit better.

Dad and I - right about the age when I was shimmying around the family room

This is a pretty long-winded intro to what I really wanted to say. Which is this. This song reminds me of my dad and today happens to be his birthday. Happy Birthday Dad! I don't call you nearly enough, but I do think about you and how lucky I am to be your daughter. I still have that birthday card you wrote for me on my 16th birthday - I keep it on my nightstand and read it every now and again when I want to smile. I love you.

Dad and I dancing to Sausalito Summer Nights at my wedding