10 March 2012


I've been a ball of crankiness lately. Just ask Mr. Sweetie. I think he hid down in the basement last night under the guise of trying to fix our internet just to get away from me and my cranky self.

Why am I feeling like this? Do I have some major stressor that is causing true damage in my life? Ummmm. No. The two things bothering me are strictly in the categories of:
totally-not-a-big-deal-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things; and

1) International travel has messed with my triathlon schedule
2) I've convinced myself that I won't qualify for AG Nationals
3) Haywire internet is preventing me from using my new iPhone to the fullest extent possible (I know I said I only had 2 problems, but this third one is legit - it's preventing me from playing "Words with Friends.).

So - let's start with the first issue, since it has a domino effect on the second "problem." I've had my triathlon schedule mapped out for months. Rumpass in Bumpass Oly in April was going to be my first race of the season. Loved this race last year, qualified for AG Nationals in this race last year, and was really excited to race it again this year (and hopefully qualify again for AG Nationals). An oly is the perfect way to start off the season. All of my friends are doing this race. It was going to be awesome. Epic. And everything in between. A last minute work trip has popped up. Pros - I get to go back to Burkina, rack up more airline miles, and this time we'll be going out to the villages (hands down the best part of these trips). Cons - I leave right after tri camp in Tucson (like less than 36 hours after) and don't get back until the day of the Rumpass in Bumpass race. Womp womp, no oly race for me.

I desperately want to do AG Nationals this year. There's a fun group of my friends racing, it's in my old stomping grounds of Burlington, VT (which is also paradise in the summertime), and it would simply be an honor to compete. I'm convinced I'm not going to qualify and that every race missed is a lost opportunity that I can't afford. When I found out that that Rumpass Oly was no longer an option, I frantically started looking at other possibilities - I could do another Oly the week before the Kinetic Half! I could travel up to Connecticut in mid-June to do an Oly. I could travel to another state to do a sprint. Suddenly I was adding Olys and sprints to my mental race calendar on weekends that really would be better served training for Ironman. I started pinging my coach in a panic - "I'm not going to qualify!" "I need to add races left and right!" "What are you talking about, an oly the week before a half is an AWESOME idea." Fortunately, she is rational and clear-headed and patient, putting up with my freak-out, and I'm no longer on the edge of the "register for as MANY tris as you can" ledge. I'm not going to add all of these random races to augment my chances to qualify for AG Nationals. I'm going to focus on the races I originally planned on doing and cross my fingers that it will be enough.

I still might sign up for the Rumpass sprint, which will be held the day after I get back from my trip. Anyone can fake a sprint. Or I might say the heck with it and stay in Paris for a few extra days on an extended layover, eating butter croissants and buying expensive French clothing and perfume. Sigh. #firstworldproblems.


Chelsea said...

If you're going to miss an oly, at least your awesome friend, Chelsea, can help you feel better by joining you in Paris and letting you speak French to get us wine, chocolate, cheese, and criossants!!

Melissa said...

You'll qualify, it just takes one race and you have the skills to make that standard. I got to go last year for work, too bad we're a year off from each other!

GoBigGreen said...

Oh I will talk some sense into you when we are running and biking and swimming in a few weeks ( but i cant talk too well when swimming!)
You will qualify, believe it!

Caroline said...

@Chelsea - Paris it is! Tickets booked today and I can't stop talking about it!
@Melissa and Julia - thanks for the encouraging words, I really appreciate it (and your confidence in me, because I am seriously lacking it right now!). I just need to work hard and really race with a purpose.