17 April 2012

Back At It

One of the benefits of flying back to the States from Europe: I woke up an hour before my alarm went off for my 5:30am Masters swim. 4am actually felt more like mid-morning. That, coupled with the fact that I was chomping at the bit to swim some laps because it has been TOO LONG, meant that I arrived at the pool on time, before the workout started. I know, I think Hell has frozen over too. I moved myself down a lane - I figured I'd be a hot mess in the pool because I haven't gone swimming since my last day in Tucson. Turns out, today wasn't that bad. Maybe I'll move back to my regular lane on Thursday, we'll see what the workout will be.

I also bike commuted to work today. It was too gorgeous outside not to. Plus, I really, REALLY missed my bike. I'm starting to like biking more and more. And minus the cluster of cars I have to fight through near Union Station on my way to work, I'm really enjoying bike commuting too. It's both physical exercise as well as an exercise in defensive biking skills. Don't worry, I'm a cautious bike commuter and I rarely run lights or do anything remotely daring. I'm just always on the lookout for rogue cars.

It feels great to be falling back into my routine. My first triathlon of the season is less than three weeks away. I vacillate back and forth between feeling like I'm really ready for that race and feeling not ready at all. But I am excited about it, no doubt about that!


Sarah said...

Ugh, you bike around Union on Mass? I avoid that area at all costs and go down Maryland Ave to Constitution if coming off Mass.

Caroline said...

I mainly bike along the Mall and then turn to go downtown a little bit before Union Station, so I avoid most of the cluster of traffic. There's even a bike lane on E street. So far the commute hasn't been nearly as scary as I thought it would be!