08 April 2012

Easter Thankfulness

So I know that this isn't Thanksgiving, but there's nothing wrong with being Thankful for stuff
on Easter too. So here's what I'm thankful for this Easter/Passover/Springtime equinox/whatever holiday you celebrate, in no particular order:
-My family. I miss celebrating Easter with my mom, dad, and brother this year but I did get to talk to my dad on Skype (technological challenges aside I.e. my dad thinking I was a telemarketer because of the sound day). Later I got an email from my dad and I loved how he ended it-love you infinitely. I love that I always feel totally loved by my dad. I'm also thankful for Mr. Sweetie for supporting everything I do, being OK with the somewhat obscene amounts of money that go towards triathlon and taking care of stuff around the house when I'm too busy or feel too overwhelmed to do it myself. He also cooks a mean dinner 7 days a week. And my West Coast family is the best set of people I ever could've had the good fortune to marry into. Not only do I have a second set of amazing parents but I hit the jackpot with THREE sisters.

- right now the wireless Internet is working in my hotel room. It's the little things.
- I'm thankful for all of the incredible friends I have in my life. From my best friend Katie who has been my other half to my best friend Erin and her husband Ashley who have given me the most amazing gift and responsibility to be their daughter's godmother, to all of the friends I've met through work and triathlon, I am one lucky, lucky girl.
- I'm thankful I discovered triathlon and that I truly enjoy it. I'm thankful for Jen who has helped me see that the sport is more than just swimbikerun and that there is always room for improvement. Even though triathlon has probably made me even more Type A, I think it has made me an overall better person, one who is in tune with eating better, being active, and someone who has figured out the importance of having goals.
- I'm thankful that I love to read. I feel like I've. Even on so many adventures vicariously through just reading a good story.
- I am thankful for Mini Eggs.
- I'm thankful for a job that affords me an opportunity to do something I enjoy everyday as well as gives me the chance to see parts of the world I normally wouldn't.
- I am thankful that I live in the US. There is so much we take for granted there and so much we (myself included) complain about, but let's be honest, we have it pretty good.
- I'm thankful that Icould spend my whole day next to the pool but still get some work done. And I'm thankful I didn't have to get dressed in much else besides my bathing suit today. Too hot for much else.
Happy Easter! I hope everyone was lucky enough to spend it with those you love!


The Miller Family said...

OMG....I love mini eggs

Jennifer Harrison said...

And, I am thankful for the chance to work with you b/c you are an amazing athlete and such a HARD WORKER....make my job easy! happy easter!

Catharine said...

What a great post! You have such a great outlook.

I can't wait for you to get home so we can get cooking.

I've managed to resist the mini eggs thus far, but I'm planning to look for some half price eggs today. Fingers crossed :)

Caroline said...

@Stacey - NOTHING can compare to Mini Eggs. They are divine.
@Jen - you are too sweet, thank you!
@Cat - We gotta break in your new kitchen with some serious tortilla making and chocolate baking! I've already sent Mark multiple text messages that he MUST go out and purchase as many bags of Mini bags as he can find.

Katie said...

I still have not tried a mini egg. Am I fired? Also, come home so we can ride bikes together ok thanks.

Caroline said...

Katie - I don't know if you want to go down that slippery slope of mini egg addiction, but if you do, I have five GIANT bags waiting for me at home. I'll happily share with you on our next bike ride :)