20 April 2012

Random Friday Facts

It has been awhile since I did this Blog meme, and so in no particular order, I present some facts:
- Sometimes when I'm riding my bike, the Wicked Witch theme from the Wizard of Oz runs through my head.
- Sadly, I'm pretty attached to my iPhone. I never thought I'd be one of "those people."
- My desk at work is a mess, not organized at all.
- I am slowly but surely getting better at the butterfly. It's still ugly as heck and I've been known to hit the lanelines and my lanemates, but I can make it up and down the pool.
- I'm not adventurous with food, especially in foreign countries and in restaurants.
- I've been on an iTunes downloading rampage for the past few weeks.
- I've watched "Crazy, Stupid Live" on each leg of all my trips to Burkina. That equals 12 times in the past 6 months.
- I'm close to getting a mountain bike.
- I need a new Bento Box for my bike. Four years worth of leaky gels, melted Powerbars, and pulverized NUUN tablets have taken their toll.
- I don't have any races scheduled after Sep 9th. This needs to change.
- Things in my shoulder bag this AM: 2 granola bars, running shoes, helmet, and Malarone.
- I have an abundance of embarrassing pop music on my iPod and that's all I'm going to say about that.
- I had fish earlier this week. And nope, fish/meat still not for me.
- I'm torn: IM Lake Placid or IM Coeur d'Alene for 2013?
- I really miss riding the Poolesville route with the IMLP girls from last year, even though I never showed up on time.


The Miller Family said...

YEAH for the butterfly

Chelsea said...

Two thoughts about your iphone: What'sApp and wordswith friends :)

ADC said...

How about IM UK or IM Wales???

Anonymous said...

If you want help with the mountain bike and bento box, go see Oli. He is working at Revolution in Clarendon now. :)

Caroline said...

Stacey - I still need to do ALOT of work on butterfly. But I don't hate it as much as I used to :)
Chelsea - YES, I'm a slacker. AND I owe you pictures stat!!
Angelina - I'd love to, but I'd need to convince Mark, the whole buying plane tickets and flying the bike over - booo! :(
Cat - will definitely keep that in mind, thanks!!

Katie said...

I have a race for you after Sept 9.

And Wicked Witch theme - me too.