04 February 2010

Awaiting the snow... EEEEEEEEEEEEK!

The weatherman just said "12 inches is going to be the minimum" in reference to the snowstorm arriving tomorrow. I am SO EXCITED about this nor'easter - I haven't been in weather like this EVER in Virginia. Ohhh, the weatherman just said "historic" in reference to the storm too. Can hardly contain my excitement! Unfortunately, no luck in finding a sled to buy. Mark went to four stores with no success. Hudson Trail Outfitters were very cryptic when I called in the evening "we are supposedly getting a shipment of sleds within the hour, but I don't know how many." I arrived an hour later and they were sold out. Booooo. Some friends of ours bought some extra sleds, so I'm going to try to tag along with them this weekend, try out sledding at the Air Force Memorial hill. I did, however, buy some snow chains for my running shoes and I put them on the shoes tonight - very excited to use them tomorrow! I have my running clothes bag packed and ready to go to work tomorrow. You'd think that with all of this enthusiasm, I'd never seen snow before; it has just been so long since I've been in a good snowstorm - I've been waiting years for a major DC snowstorm.

In other news, I got my swim and run on this morning before work - I love getting my workouts done before work. Swim was about 2200-2300 yards and my run involved hill repeats. I was really pleased with my mental strength in this workout - my last repeat was my fastest one, even though I wanted to stop partway up the hill.

Recovery day tomorrow, unless I'm slogging home through the snow!

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