01 February 2010

Swim/Bike/Run totals for January

So, for the first time in my athletic career, I've actually tracked my workouts for a whole month. My coach, Jen, lives out in Illinois so Training Peaks is a way for both of us to see my workouts and track my progress. I still don't have a bike computer to track my progress (and I've been bike-trainer bound all month, rendering the GPS in my Garmin useless for tracking biking mileage) so I'll just put down the number of hours I spent bonding with my bike for January.

Swim: 25,949 yds
Bike: 9.75 hours
Run: 78.66 miles
Other (strength, core): 3.83 hours

I'm pretty happy with my numbers. And it's really liberating having a coach - I don't need to be constantly thinking about what sort of workout I should be doing, what my numbers should be for the week, is there anything extra I should be doing. Nope - it's all planned for me and all I have to do is the workout. Love it!

Okay, to bed because I have to go swim and run in the morning, hooray!

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