11 February 2010

Ready for normal again...

The double-whammy of snowstorms have really screwed with my daily routine. It has been nice that the office was closed two days this week and I was able to work from home for a third day, and Mark and I have been able to spend time together and get our house more in order. But I AM LACKING IN STRUCTURE AND IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY. The pools have been closed, the sidewalks are not conducive to running, I've barely left the house, and I'm eating junk food like it's going out of style. I'm not mentally plugged into my training lately and things just feel kind of... "off." My mother has said that I was always a happy kid as long as I was kept on a routine - as soon as I deviated from that daily routine, I had a meltdown. Twenty-eight years later, the same continues to hold true. Thank goodness metro and metrobus is up and running tomorrow, the office is open, and no snow is in the forecast for the weekend so we can get stuff done.

Oh, and in other exciting news... We're going to become parents to a NEW PUPPY (hehe, you probably thought I was going to say parents to a BABY - nope, not for a very, VERY long time).
Meet Miles - he's an English Setter and SUPER cute. He will be tri-colored, white with brown and black speckles. Mark has always wanted to get an English Setter, he had one growing up, and we are both excited about our new addition. He comes home with us on the weekend of Feb 20/21.

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Baby Love said...

Yeah!!! I love the name! I love the meaning behind it too. Glad to hear that you are getting back into your routine.