03 February 2010

New England Weather in Virginia!

It feels like I'm seven years old again, anxiously awaiting a big snow. I've lived in Virginia for over five years and we've NEVER had a winter that had even CLOSE to as much snow as we've gotten so far this winter. Mark and I missed the big December storm because we were enjoying some sunny SoCal weather for the holidays (can't complain there), so I am thrilled that the storm this weekend might be almost as big as the December storm. I need to find my snow chains for my running shoes (still packed away somewhere, I bet) because I'm going to have some bonding time with the bike path and the snow this weekend! I'm also considering bringing my running shoes, snow chains for my shoes, and warm running clothes into work with me on Friday. The snow is supposed to start during the day and I bet the roads are going to be a mess by the time the late afternoon rolls around. I only live four miles away from work and I may be jogging home if the traffic/roads are ridiculous. Better than sitting on the bus for hours.

Training is going just fine. Yesterday morning at the pool was a comedy of errors. I forgot my key fob to get into the gym (they let me in anyways); I brought one sandal that was mine, one that was Marks - both for the left feet; I broke my swim cap in half when I tried to put it on. Fortunately, that was about the end of my snafus at the swimming pool. All before 5:30am! I did promote myself up one swim lane because my normal swim lane was full. I managed to hang on to the back of the pain train, but I will NOT be in that lane on Thursdays - speedwork days. That's just asking to be lapped. I also did my run when I got home from the pool - it feels so good to get both workouts down before work! I'll be doing the same thing tomorrow. I even managed to get my bike ride in this morning before work on the trainer. I love not having to do anything when I get home from work, it's just so much easier. And I'm sore too, from the workouts. On paper, the workouts don't look that bad. When I'm actually doing the workouts, I don't feel like I'm about to die. But later on, my muscles are definitely feeling the workout, in a good way.

Time to finish folding the laundry and get to bed. And crossing my fingers for LOTS of snow this weekend!

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