14 February 2010

It's Baaacccckkk!

Ironman and its accoutrements have crept back into my life. It's been a slow progression over the past month and a half, but this weekend leaves little room for denial. It's back and it's here to stay until at least September.

It all started yesterday morning, a Saturday, when I WILLINGLY got up at 5:15am to do a 3 hour training ride followed by a short run. I haven't gotten up at 5:15am on a weekend since, oh, probably Ironman Florida back in November. I was done with an almost-4 hour workout before 10am on a Saturday. Talk about accomplishment.

Another sign - I broke into my bag-o-fuel that I haven't looked at since Ironman Florida - in fact, some of my leftover food from the race (unopened, of course) was still in the bag. I grabbed a few powerbars and gels to fuel me on my trainer ride. I also noticed that I really need to replenish my supply, pickings were rather thin and a chocolate powerbar REALLY isn't appetizing at 5:45am.

I sleep like a rock, not really something new, but I dozed for 2 of the 4 hours we were in the car last night returning from visiting our puppy. I'm not usually one for napping, but the early-morning workout wore me out.

But the biggest indicator that Ironman training is back in my life... my appetite. It won't quit. I will eat and then be hungry again a short time later. I went to the pool today, not long after having pizza, and 3/4 of the way through my workout, I was ravenous again. We had to go straight to PETCO after the pool and I ran into Trader Joe's while Mark parked the car so I could grab some munchies. I must've looked as hungry as I felt because the guy at the check-out asked me if I had just finished a workout as he scanned my Clif MoJo bars. It took all of my self-control to wait until I had exited the store to rip into one of those bars. It was 7/8 gone by the time I walked two stores down to PETCO. Fortunately I had three more bars and a bag of pretzels, successfully helping me avoid a post-workout/pre-dinner meltdown.

So here's to Ironman training and everything that goes along with it! Welcome back, I've missed you!

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