31 May 2012

Bike Commuting > Driving

So Mr. Sweetie is on a golf extravaganza vacation right now (sort of his equivalent of my tri camp vacation in March, only I think his will involve more beer and wine than mine did).  This means that I have the car ALL TO MYSELF.  I started the morning masters swim practices this week at Hains Point, so I decided to drive to the pool and then to work on Tuesday.  In the 2.5 years that I've worked in downtown DC, this was the first time I ever took the car to work.  The ride in wasn't too bad.  But the ride home was stupid slow and frustrating.  And I'll admit it, I was that person muttering to herself in the car, on the verge of yelling with frustration and rage at the fact that it took OVER AN HOUR to drive the 8ish miles home.  I CAN RUN FASTER THAN THAT dammit!  As I sat through 2-3 iterations of every stoplight, I looked longingly at the empty bike lane, wishing I could blow past all this traffic in style on two wheels and a helmet.  I had so much time to sit idly in traffic that I updated my Facebook status:

Caroline L
Drive to work today for the first time in over 2.5 years. Tonight's commute home was like re-living the opening scene of Office Space over and over for an hour.

The only thing missing was the gangster rap, but people with walkers were definitely moving faster than I was.  

I didn't learn my lesson that first time around because I drove into work again today.  I went to early swim at Hains Point and planned on leaving the office at 4pm, a good 90 minutes earlier than Tuesday, because I had to take Miles to the vet (and I didn't trust Metro to be reliable enough to get me home in time and today was not a bike day).  I figured 90 minutes would make a world of difference and I wouldn't spend over an hour trying to travel less a grand total of 8 miles.

  • Caroline L
    Opening scene of Office Space take 2. Never driving to work again!

     I also saw this on my drive.  Ironic, no?  Perhaps a sign from God that maybe my driving days are over.  I think if I drive any more I'm going to need to take a bat to the printer to curb my frustrations.


ADC said...

I would never ever drive to work in London. It is madness. My boss does but he comes in terribly early and he also lives closer. Cycling commuting is my thing - love it.

Sarah said...

ugh. I never drive to work. bike commute on those days or metro?

Damon Taaffe said...

I've found that the morning ride (Elliptigo) is pretty quick, 30 minutes or so door-to-door over 14th St. Bridge. And it's not a bad way to get the blood moving ahead of the swim.

prodip said...

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