18 May 2012

National Bike to Work Day

It was busier than usual today on the bike path.  Part of this was probably due to National Bike to Work Day.  It could also be partially attributed to the absolutely gorgeous weather we had - upper 70s, blue skies, and NO humidity.  There was the usual lycra-clad crowd bombing down the trail, slowed up slightly when they would come upon the hipsters on their pink hipster commuter bikes wearing their cute hipster helmets in fun colors.  It kind of made me want to trade my sweat-wicking jersey and boring helmet for something a little more fun.  Everyone on the trail was cordial and it was nice to see so many people on their bikes.  Even the cars were semi-courteous once I got into the city.

My commute in also served as my workout for the day.  I don't usually wear my Garmin because I shouldn't be trying to PR my commute because then it makes blowing stoplights and stop signs a little more tempting, all in the name of getting to Point B a little faster.  But I wore it today... and kind of made it to work in record time.  No blown stoplights either.

I had all sorts of grand plans tonight to paint my nails (I know, super grand plans) and clean up around the house and watch a movie.  Instead, I found myself outside in my bike-grease stained skirt, a cheesy Ironman shirt bought at an expo and normally just reserved for bed (lucky Mark) and not public appearances, and a bunch of de-greaser and bike lube.  I'm making an effort this year to keep my bike cleaned up and in shape.  I think that Glen from Tri Camp would be proud of me.  Now I can sneak up on people instead of having them hear me coming from a mile away.

A couple of my friends rode the Ascension loop in Maryland today.  I've been jealous all day.  I love that ride and I've missed it each time this year because they've been on days that I've been out of town.  I did this ride two years ago in prep for all of the climbing at Ironman France.  And while I think it would be a little excessive for Ironman Lake Placid training, I'd still love to do it.  I don't even know how many feet of climbing I did two years ago when I rode Ascension - I just know that it took over an hour for my speed to hit double digits AND I called home around 1:30 that afternoon sort of wanting to cry - "I've been biking for 6 hours and I've only done 70 miles."  I grossly underestimated my time in the saddle.  I was literally biking all day.  I think I celebrated my finish by eating the biggest burrito I could find.  As it should be.


GoBigGreen said...

I would love to have you come try the Burrito Union in Duluth. MN. I guess you could run Grandma's with me sometime. Their burritos put Chipotle to shame, sorry not a Chipotle fan! Or our coop does a good burrito.
I have some pals doing a 200K timed team hill ride June 2 and i cant do it, too much too soon and i am racing June 10. Boo! Someday tho.
Happy WEekend I hope your memorial day is great!

Kathy said...

I can't WAIT to be able to bike to work again. Soon, soon, soon.

Katie said...

We could do that ride in two weeks............ :)