04 May 2012

A little this, a little that

First of all, break open the champagne - this is the first weekend since March that I get to spend with the dog, cats, and my husband.

I'm currently reading Ken Follett's book "Pillars of the Earth" upon receiving a recommendation for it from Erin and Ashley.  It's really good and really long.  I think I've fallen off-track on my "read 50 books in 2012."  This means I'd better have a productive summer and catch back up.

Speaking of books, Chrissie Wellington's new book is out - "A Life Without Limits."  I'll be buying that and reading it this weekend because she's going to be hanging out and signing books here in Arlington NEXT WEEKEND.

Anyone have any additional book recommendations?

I still haven't put my tri bike back together.  It's sitting in its bike case where it has been neglected and forgotten about since Tucson.  This is what happens when you are a lazy triathlete with two bikes.

Speaking of bikes, I might be adding to my bike collection with a mountain bike!!  I think Mr. Sweetie is convinced he wants to sell his roadbike - this would leave more room in the basement for a new bike AND it would help finance the purchase.  Anyone interested in a Cannondale roadbike that's in decent shape?

I finally found the jar of SaltStick tabs I've been looking for all spring - I'd searched high and low in our house, refusing to buy more tabs and instead using the sad leftovers from the 2011 season found stuck to the bottom of my Bento Box while in Tucson.  Turns out the tabs were on my Ironman mug shelf in the cabinet.

Yesterday I ran to work in the AM and took the Metro home in the PM.  My AM commute took less time than my PM commute and I do NOT live super close to my job.

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Katie said...

Did you find your bike pedals yet?