10 January 2013

Back into it. And happy to be in the thick of training.

When I started getting back into training last month, I was a little worried about how I'd adjust to getting back into the routine.  I'd enjoyed the off-season more than usual with all the sleeping in, chocolate, staying up late, blah blah blah.  I wasn't in any rush to start training again and truthfully, that made me a bit nervous.  Was I burnt out?  Why wasn't I chomping at the bit to start training again?  I wasn't overly excited about my potential 2013 race schedule.  What was wrong?!

Nothing, apparently.  After a month of regular workouts, I don't miss the laziness at all.  I'm happy, enjoying being back in a routine, watching what I'm eating (both quantity - if you can believe it - and quality).  After posting my 2013 race schedule, I found out about so many fun people who are signed up for the same races I'm planning on doing and that has gotten me really excited for my upcoming races.  I love my swim workouts (and seeing the progress I've been making), it feels great to get out and do a double-digit run workout, and I'm not minding the trainer that much (I know it hasn't been super cold out, but I'm a wimp with even lightly chilly weather).

I needed that long break I took over the holidays and I'm so glad I'm not signed up for any serious early-season races because that extended break allowed me to sit back and recharge.  I'm excited to swim with Kgo tomorrow and have a bit of social kick time.  I'm even excited for my run fitness test on Saturday.  I know I haven't written a post yet on my athletic goals for 2013, but I can tell you that my top goal is to finally, FINALLY conquer the IMLP course - all three disciplines - and walk away from that race with no what-ifs, no excuses, no desire for a do-over.  This year IS my do-over.

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Katie said...

this is EXACTLY how I feel. except add in a heavy dose of "there is not enough oxygen here."

love ya!