15 January 2013

Ignite Endurance - It's ALIVE!

Thanks to techie-extraordinaire Sebastian, the website for our triathlon team Ignite Endurance is up and running!  I'm super impressed with how it looks, showing our twitter feed, a rotation of race photos, a race calendar, etc.  We have our roster listed and it will soon be supplemented by athlete bios and photos (see if you can pick me out.  I'll be the one with the chocolate cake).

I know everyone on the team is really excited about our partnerships with some pretty fantastic companies:
- Tri360 - recently voted best triathlon shop in the mid-Atlantic!  Hosts weekly rides and runs out of their shop.  Super helpful and knowledgeable staff and they carry some fantastic products.

- ZocaGear - All these years that I've been wearing triathlon shorts with the grippy bit at the bottom of each leg.  The ZocaGear tri shorts do NOT have that and it is all sorts of awesome.  I'm super impressed with how comfortable their stuff is and I'm really looking forward to racing in it this year.  I'm even getting a pair of bibs for the bike.  Fancy-schmancy.

-Pete's Pizza - carbs for some post-ride/run goodness.

- Gu - I'm pretty excited about the wide range of flavors they offer in their gels AND the various products they carry (gels, chews, etc).  Perhaps it will make eating on the bike a little more palatable.

- Blue Seventy - wetsuits and speedsuits, oh my!

- Naked Mountain Winery - It will be great to spend a couple hours kicking back with a glass of wine after a long bike ride down in the blue ridge mountains.  Combining the social with the training is one of the best parts of the weekend.

- Rudy Project - I'm looking forward to trying out their helmets.  I've been borrowing Mr. Sweetie's since mine has kicked the bucket.  I hear the sunglasses from Rudy Project are pretty fantastic too.

-Skratch Labs - I am super, super excited about using Skratch Labs this year!  I've already started training with their hydration mix and I WILL master the art of fueling and hydration during an Ironman this year!

I know everyone on the team is really excited for what 2013 will bring!  I am already truly impressed with how much time, work, and effort my teammates have put in to making Ignite Endurance a reality.  I feel really lucky to be racing with such a great group!

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Dawn said...

Great write-up. What an awesome team we have, and what a cool lineup of sponsors. I'm proud to represent them too...here's to a killer 2013 season!