04 January 2013

Random Friday Facts

- Our dog turned three this week.  Technically he isn't a puppy anymore but he still acts like one.  Did I mention he unwrapped all of my Christmas gifts a few days before Christmas?  Little brat.

- I don't drink enough water.  I also don't drink alot of soda or coffee, but that's not such a bad thing.

- UK friends - is there such a thing as caramel flavored tea??  When I studied abroad, a British lady was our program coordinator and she kept a fantastic stash of tea in her office and I swear one of the flavors was caramel.  I can't find that flavor ANYWHERE in the US.  Shame because it was pretty darn good.

- I've not yet finished my first book of 2013.  I'm in the middle of reading Jane Austen's Emma and it is NOT a short read.

- On Thursday, one of the chilliest days DC has seen all winter (30's so not terrible), I was desperately missing summer weather and being able to ride from the pool to the office in a soaking wet bathing suit and bike shorts.  Those were the days.

- I want to go back to Africa.

- Our guest bedroom is a disaster.  I need to organize my life.

- I'm long overdue for a visit to the eye doctor.  Pretty convinced I need glasses, judging by all the things I can't see properly if they are far away.  Last time I had glasses I was 6.  Giant purple frames.  Let's hope I have a better sense of style this time around.

- We have one tv in our house and it is in the basement.  I always thought I'd want a tv in my bedroom, but that's actually overrated.

- Taking down Christmas decorations is one of my least favorite things to do.

- I'm still not completely sure what all of my goals for the 2013 season are.  Been thinking about this alot.

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ADC said...

Caramel flavoured tea??? Are you sure? I shall have a look.