25 January 2013

Random Friday Facts

- I have zero files in my filing cabinet at work. Instead there is peanut butter, oatmeal, shampoo, conditioner, and gold high heels.

- I hated wearing dresses and skirts as a kid. Now they are all I wear (thank you biking).

- Fresh (and homemade) pasta for dinner tonight, hey-oh!!

- I thought Kendra and I were both going to implode during one of those "looks easy on paper but kicks your booty" swim sets this AM.  We did not implode AND we made the intervals.

- That sign in the kitchen - about chocolate chips - that we wrote on the chalkboard a year ago?  Still there. Deterrent? Not really.

- My cats have taken over my pillows at night so I've learned to sleep without them (the pillows, not the cats).

- The whole one-space-after-a-period really bothers me, even though it is correct. Terribly hard habit to break.

- When I was 10 I was convinced I would become an Olympic swimmer and gymnast, completely overlooking the fact that I quit both sports at age 6.

- I closed down the bar scene last weekend when my friend Kim came into town for a visit. I don't remember the last time I did that, good times. Social hangover the next day, for sure.

- I miss riding my bike outside. But I don't miss it enough that I'm willing to freeze my face off.

- I had the best conversation with my best friend tonight. So much laughter.

- The leg lamp is STILL IN OUR FRONT WINDOW.

- DC is rubbing off on me. I know it is completely irrational to let an inch of snow rule me, but the large-scale DC Metro Area freakout about any snow event, including minor ones, is like a social contagion. I think I need to cure this by taking the car and joyriding down our unplowed (and icy) driveway tomorrow morning to reconvince myself that I do, in fact, know how to handle winter.

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