23 January 2013

This and That

This morning was the first morning in awhile where I woke up and thought hmmm, staying in bed sounds much more appealing than going to the pool. I considered pushing my swim to the evening and just sleeping in a bit more.  But I knew if I did that, it would force me to move the run I also had scheduled for the evening to another day.  And so begins the delicate dance of trying to fit everything in as a result of one morning's laziness. A domino effect.  I always regret the domino effect and chide myself for giving in to the allure of my comfortable bed and fluffy comforter. Rarely is it ever worth it. But I never regret getting out of bed and getting the workout done. This AM turned out to be no different, and when I was getting my run done at 6:30pm after work, I was really glad I didn't have to fit in a trip to the pool afterwards.

Can we celebrate some little victories? In my swim workout this AM, I did a combined 1,000 yards of IM and I didn't wimp out on any of it, including fly.

Can we talk about how much I dislike this cold weather?  It's cold (for Virginia) and I've become a weather weenie, unable to handle much of anything below 32 degrees. How I survived living in Burlington, VT for four years, I have no idea. I'm want summer to get here FAST - I miss riding my bike to work after swim practice at Hains Point, dressed in my swimsuit and bike shorts. I miss it being light out until after 8pm. I miss going for a run outside in shorts and a t-shirt on a daily basis. I miss complaining about it being too hot. It's even too cold for smoothies and ice cream (though Mr. Sweetie would beg to differ about the ice cream part).

I'm guessing Facebook does some sort of analysis of the posts you put on your wall, etc to figure out which advertisements are most appropriate. Today I noticed an ad on my page for the Sharkbrace - "a shark repellent bracelet - www.sharkbrace.com."  I have NO idea what I have been writing to give FB any ideas that I plan on going swimming with sharks anytime soon. And I highly doubt a multi-ton shark is going to give a rat's booty whether or not I am wearing a repellent bracelet if he is hungry and I am on the menu for dinner.


ADC said...

It's never too cold for ice cream.

Kathy said...

Way to get it done. Summer here is a little too much for me, though I would think I would be used to it after so many years. I can't wait for the days to get a bit longer, though. Except that I am concerned that Ben's new habit of sleeping ALL the way to 6:30 will go out the window with earlier morning light.