30 January 2010

Snowy Saturday

Today NoVa got a decent amount of snow (for Virginia). Mark and I missed the last significant snowfall - the biggest snowfall this area has gotten since 1996 - because we were out in SoCal for Christmas, so I am pretty happy to be in town for this snow event. It's been snowing for a good 15 hours, although now it's starting to taper off. I'd estimate we've gotten close to six inches. Where is a sled when you need one?!

I headed out the door this morning to do my run LT test. Decent warm-up, then thirty minutes hard - ick. When I left the house, it had just started to snow, there was a light dusting on the sidewalk and bike trail. Then the snow started coming down harder. Hard enough that the trail was covered with a decent amount by the time I was thirty minutes into the run. The snow proved to be a nice distraction during the unpleasant fast part of my run - it made the time pass quickly and before I knew it, it was time to cool down - yessssss. The rest of the day was spent indoors, watching the snow fall, and taking an inordinate amount of time to rearrange the furniture in our upstairs living room. Some poor schmucks were brave enough to take our old (and ugly) couch, so it was finally time to see how the room would look with the furniture it was supposed to have. We purchased two oversized (enormous) chairs at the Restoration Hardware outlet a few weeks ago - we both agree that our eyes were a little bigger than our house when we made this purchasing decision. But the chairs are super comfy and the way we've arranged them, they don't look terribly disproportionate and out-of-place in the living room. We also bought a bench, supplemental seating, for the living room since we just had these two chairs. We also had to figure out where to put the tall and narrow wine bar and our china cabinet. We moved every piece of furniture around at least three times before we finally found the most appropriate set-up. I'm really happy with the final result and I think it's growing on Mark. Now we just need to add some color to the room. Reds and purples?

Two pictures were hung up in the guest room and we put one up in the kitchen/dining area. Having just a little color from those pictures on the walls really goes a long way. The house is really becoming a grown-up house, hoorrrayyyy!

I also tried my hand at being domestic this evening. There's just something about snow that makes you want to bake chocolate chip cookies. Partway into the baking process, I realized I was totally out of all-purpose flour. So, I substituted in wheat flour, thinking "hey, what's the difference - I just made the cookies a little more nutritious. I just won't tell Mark." Well, he noticed, but managed to choke down a few cookies anyways, good sport.

Tomorrow is the last day of my recovery week and then it's back to more hours of training!


Jennifer Harrison said...

I LOVE making chocolate chip cookies but I love the dough more than the cookies, so I get into trouble !!!! ;) Glad Mark is home and you enjoyed your rest week!

Chelsea said...

I vote decorating with Purple!