02 January 2012

The Great Leg Lamp Debate of 2012

This has graced our front window since December of 2010 (Yes, a FULL YEAR).

The epitome of class

We had bought the lamp as a joke Christmas decoration. We took our 2010 family Christmas card photo with it:

And the cats enjoyed basking in the soft glow of electric sex.

And... then we never bothered to take the lamp down with the rest of our Christmas decorations. I initially wanted to bring it into my office, but we were moving locations later in the year, so I figured I'd bring the leg lamp in after the office move. So the lamp sat in our front window, greeting visitors and collecting cat fur on the fishnet stockings all spring, summer, and fall.

Well, the 2011 holiday season has passed and I need a lamp for my office. I was looking forward to wrangling the lamp on the bus and metro with me during tomorrow's commute. And when I informed my husband this evening that, as of tomorrow, the leg lamp would be gracing MY office instead of our home (until next holiday season), he put up a stink. Apparently he wants to keep the leg lamp in our front window PERMANENTLY.

I don't share those same sentiments. And I also leave for work later than he does. Who wants to bet where the leg lamp will be this time tomorrow night?


ADC said...

OK, now you need to post a picture of the lamp in your office.
I kind of like it....

Katie said...

bahahahhaaha. take it!