12 January 2012

Strength Training - TRX

Last January, when I resolved that 2011 would be the year I would do more strength training, I purchased a TRX. While I really didn't do nearly as much strength training as I should have in 2011 because I was a slacker, the little I did do was usually on the TRX. It's basically a suspension training system that relies on your body weight to supply the resistance. As an added bonus, you end up working your core on pretty much all of the exercises because you're constantly trying to stabilize yourself and keep proper form through all the reps.

Do you know what my favorite thing is about the TRX? It's portable. So these past few weeks I've been bringing it to the gym at work and haggling my co-workers to come join me for a workout. Strength training is so much more fun when someone else is doing it with you and I've found I'm much more likely to actually do it when I'm sharing the joy with others. A little bit of trash talk circulates between us prior to a workout (well, mainly just me telling my friends that I am going to "break them"), adding to the fun. It's also been nice having someone tell me if my form is decent or complete crap (because when I do the TRX by myself in the basement, I have zero clue).

There's a ton of videos on YouTube of possible exercises. And my sister Allie has taken a few TRX classes and showed me a few fun exercises when I saw her over Christmas. A few of my favorites are the pike pushup, lunges, mountain climbers, and these terrible side planks with a twist. If anyone is ever interested in joining me for a TRX workout, I'd love the company!


beingcat said...

How have I nevr heard of this? I googled it and it looks terrific. I am up for it.

Caroline said...

Cat - bring your workout clothes when you come over for our night of cooking and baking - we will throw some TRX in as well!