22 January 2012

Weekend Shenanigans

So we cleaned out the pantry this weekend (and by we, I mean my husband). It was completely disorganized and impossible to find things in there. As it was being reorganized, we discovered we had three bags of shredded coconut (all different kinds), multiple bags of sugar, multiple kinds of sugar, and a ton of flour. Guess I never checked the pantry thoroughly when making my baking shopping list. Won't need to buy coconut for awhile...

I'm trying my hand at making chocolate souffle tonight. This is the type of dish that requires precision and my baking fail last week (attempt to make homemade caramel) proves that precision is not one of my strong suits. Anyway, fingers crossed the souffle will be edible.

On the training front, this week has been a lot of swimbikerunstrengthtrain. I've done a decent job so far in January in not missing any major workouts and cutting very few of them short. This week I did miss one run off the bike due to time constraints. Yesterday I got myself out the door in time to meet up with the Team Z'rs doing a run on the trail - it was cold and icy due to the freezing precipitation we got the night before, but that also meant the trail was almost deserted and the trees looked like they were encased in ice - it was quiet and pretty and the perfect way to start off a Saturday. It's funny because I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not in the off-season anymore, Ironman training has started. I'm not in the thick of it, but scheduled training hours are in the double-digits and I don't have a weekly day off anymore. I am hungrier than usual AND I'm sleeping hard. Last night I slept for nine hours, it was fantastic.

I bought a bag of chocolate chips yesterday and I didn't eat the whole thing (in fact, I ate hardly any). Progress.


Chelsea said...

so does that mean you're eating the coconut?

Katie said...

I don't even like coconut and there are always bags and bags of it in my pantry. why? where does it come from? who puts it there?

onthebusrunning said...

Haha, we just did this as well. We had three boxes of raisins and four bags of quinoa at various levels. It was a food black hole. Sounds like a great run this weekend! Welcome back to training :)

Caroline said...

@Chelsea - of COURSE! I love coconut!
@Katie - I'm pretty sure the coconut in your pantry migrated over from mine.
@Brad - I'm sure you could cook up something with quinoa and raisins... on second thought, that sounds like a disgusting combination. Nevermind.