04 January 2012

I love it when I win

I win.

My husband refuses to believe it is true - he tried to change the subject when I called him after my arrival at work. And then tonight he refused to let me show him this picture - so I just tagged him in it on Facebook instead. Isn't the internet great? He told me that even the dog misses the Leg Lamp. I suppose it is going to be a long 10 months for the two of them, until the 2012 holiday season when the lamp makes a reappearance in our house. But I received several compliments from my co-workers today. I was also disappointed to find that the fishnet stockings were glued to the leg, hampering my efforts to stick a dollar bill in them. Alas.

Tomorrow I'll get back to actually talking about athletic endeavors. But this detour in subjects was just too fun not to pursue.


ADC said...

Actually I think it looked better in your house. Put it back there :)))

Katie said...

you need to DL "ALL I DO IS WIN" and blast that!

Caroline said...

I think I love the lamp in my office more than I loved it at home - shhhh, don't tell my husband this, but it may not make a reappearance at home during the holidays :)