10 January 2012

Showtunes and Movie Trailers

I received some iTunes gift cards for Christmas (thanks West Coast family!!) and I'm starting to put them to use. New songs on the iPod = Happy Runner/Happy Commuter. I think I might splurge and purchase some old school songs from high school and college. Songs I used to own on Napster that are now trapped in my long-deceased laptop from college. But, more recently, I've been updating my iPod with more contemporary tunes, most of them very workout-friendly. My favorite playlist at the moment includes:

Starlight (Muse)
Little Too Much (Natasha Bedingfield)
Stereo Hearts (Gym Class Heroes)
Save Me, San Francisco (Train)
Good Life (OneRepublic)
The Cave (Sign No More)
Tonight Tonight (Hot Chelle Rae)
Escape (Enrique Iglesias) (judge away)
Beautiful Girl (INXS)
Loser Like Me (Glee)
Wannabe (Spice Girls)

I found a few of these songs through movie trailers (bonus points if you can guess which songs and which movies - hint, most of chick flicks. You can judge, I am totally secure in my movie trailer choices). Movie trailers are, quite possibly, one of the coolest things ever (and they are often better than the movies themselves). If I could choose one job in life, any job, I would want to put together movie trailers and their soundtracks. We have Apple TV and you can watch as many movie trailers as you want (for free). I've done whole trainer workouts to trailers. It's a very efficient way to watch films - you see all the best parts and it only takes 2:25 of your day.

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