27 January 2012

Random Friday Facts

I have absolutely nothing interesting to post today. So, here are some Random Friday Facts:

- There are few things I love more than a good quality bagel toasted with butter. Today I managed to hold myself to 2 bagels at work on Bagel Friday (I also stole two more to take home with me to enjoy over the weekend. Crass, I know).

- I've always wanted a red front door. What is that song, is it they see a red door and want to paint it black or the other way around?

- When Miles is thirsty and his water dish is empty, he picks it up and throws it around the house and sometimes he'll throw it down the stairs. This is especially awesome when it happens during the middle of an interval bike workout and you are clipped in to your bike.

- I'm kind of a book snob. You won't ever catch me reading Danielle Steele or anything like that. But I do indulge in a little bit of Nicholas Sparks literature, it's a guilty pleasure.

- I'd never been west of the Mississippi until I was 23.

- We have a queen size bed and all three animals sleep on it every night with us.

- I realized this week that I am 2/3's of the way to 45. Not thrilled.

- I never, ever check my voicemail. Last time I did it was sometime in late 2011. Just text me instead!

- Every morning and every night we have to arm ourselves with a squirt bottle and play "referee" when it's time to feed Bissell, Miles, and Hoover. Their own food dish is never good enough, they always have to steal from each other.

- The first "naughty word" I remember saying was when I was 6 years old and called my little brother a jackass. I still remember the looks on my parents' faces and the silence that followed my foray into potty-mouthism. In my defense, they used "jackass" in Pinocchio and it's a Disney movie and I had no idea it was a bad word.


Katie said...

our realtor told us to paint our door red and our house would sell faster. so strange!

Caroline said...

Hmmm, that is really strange. I didn't realize red doors were so popular!