13 January 2012

Random Friday Facts

- At work I keep the language setting for my e-mail and MS Word set to French - I make ALOT of spelling errors when I write in French. Those accents - they get me every time!

- I discovered you can see what type of keyword searches have led people to my blog. This past week, my favorites are
- "quest ce qu'un tamale recipes,"
- "don't just jump into a half marathon" (ummm, I don't think I've ever done that), "
- "space cookies with nutella," and
- "chocolate doesn't ask silly questions."

- Time to take one of my skirts out of rotation. While much more comfortable to wear now that the lining split and completely disintegrated, I'm afraid the skirt's integrity has been compromised.

- We've started leaving our dog outside of his crate when we are out of the house on the weekends. So far, nothing has been destroyed.

- I don't like strawberry ice cream. And not a big fan of vanilla. Both are a waste of calories.

- I choose chocolate every time.

- I found some of my old journals from when I studied/worked abroad. Am now thanking my lucky stars that 1) I write better than I did back then; and 2) I have more exciting things to write about than how many bars I went to last night or what drinks I imbibed in. Otherwise, this blog would be in trouble.

- I've never worn jeans to any of my workplaces here in DC.

- I worked my way through college as a waitress at Chili's. Bleck.

- Metro makes me cranky.

- I need to buy new swimsuits. One year is far too long to have the same two suits in rotation.

- It's a Friday night and I've been wearing my pajamas and tattered high school sweatshirt since 6:30pm. Does this mean I am old? Or just sensible?


luckysevn said...

Wait. WHAT?!?? One year is too long to have the same two suits in rotation???? So.... two years equals.... no... nevermind. Don't tell me!
And sensible. I vote sensible. ;-)

Chelsea said...

Believe it or not, I've worn jeans to work in D.C. My first job was at a really conservative think tank (I was the only female that worked there that was under 50 and not a secretary) in a decidedly "Coat and tie" office. I quietly started wearing nice jeans and a blouse on Fridays. Pretty soon other people started showing up in jeans too. I was proud :)

Caroline said...

@Jess - I'm hoping Kate O will be making us all swimsuits from Splish for this year's camp. And I agree on the sensible part, it was a lovely Friday night in :)
@Chelsea - I believe you completely. I've seen you in action, you know how to get things done :)

Ryan V said...

I don't think I've ever worn Jeans to work... ever. I saw one of my coworkers on a weekend, and they were blown away that I even OWNED jeans. What can I say, apparently I have a Barney Stinson reputation. It IS true I like to suit up, though.
Regarding PJ's on a Friday night? I wouldn't say it's "sensible." I'd say it's down right awesome. I find that more and more I prefer to stay in, cook some delicious meal, and read or knit... I think I'm turning into an OLD LADY!

Caroline said...

@Ryan, you mean you wear something besides spandex and swim caps?? I don't think I would recognize you! And i am totally OK with staying in and cooking/baking on Friday nights. Bars are overrated.

Katie said...

I agree. vanilla and strawberry are a waste.