15 October 2012

Cyclocross... HERE I COME!!!!

OMG - do you know what I just did??!!  I just pressed SUBMIT on the registration page for my first cyclocross race!!  The DCCX this coming weekend.  EEEEEEKKKKKK I am so excited!!  I haven't felt this nervous/excited/out-of-my-element about a race registration in awhile.  I have ZERO clue about what I am getting myself into.  I know there are bikes with knobby tires, but the tires are skinnier than a mountain bike's.  The handlebars look the same as a roadbike's.  You get dirty.  You ride your bike through mud and carry it over obstacles.  It's a mass start with everyone jockeying for position, which will probably make an Ironman swim start feel like a walk in the park in comparison.  And it's a heart-pumping, never-let-up-on-the-throttle, full out sprint for the whole race.  SO. EXCITED!

What's even cooler - a CX race is so much less expensive than a triathlon!  And less expensive than most 5ks nowadays.  It will be a bargain to race this weekend!

And the best part - some of my girlfriends are racing as well!  I'm going to the DCCX clinic on Saturday afternoon so I can have SOME idea of what Sunday will have in store for me.  And then racing (and I will even drink beer afterwards because I heard that is what you do at these races) on Sunday morning.  I was going back and forth between registering for the Rookie Race and the Women's Cat 4 race and decided to go with the Cat 4 - it's early in the day and it's just women - the Rookie Race is late afternoon and both guys and girls in the same race - I'm already intimidated enough, so I'm going to say no thanks to having an extra shot of testosterone in my wave.  A huge thank you to Emily for letting me borrow her cross bike - I promise to return it to you in one piece so you can race later in the day!!  And a huge thanks to Karen for lending me pedals and a big thank you to Karen and Melanie for answering my frenzy of texts that were full of questions!!  I can't wait to hang out with you girls this weekend and find out how much fun CX races are!!!!


Em said...


You know you have to stay for a little bit after your race for shenanigans ... because DCCX is a party!!

Ryan V said...

Where is the cx race? I've never seen one and might have some free time this weekend. It says the location exactly 0 times on all the websites.

Unknown said...

DCCX is held at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, DC. The Armed Forces Retirement Home is at Rock Creek Church Rd, NW & Randolph St, NW, Washington, DC 20011.

More info at dcmtb.com

Gonna be a blast! congrats on signing up!

B.o.B. said...

God bless ya for having the balls for this. It looks cray cray to me. But then again, so did that 1/2 IM. ;)