04 October 2012

Holding back

So my last "A" race of the season was last weekend at 70.3 Poconos.  The weather is getting chillier (well, it should be, Mother Nature hasn't gotten the memo yet that it is FALL) and the wetsuit will soon be hung up until next spring... but not quite yet.  We've arrived at the almost-off-season-but-I-still-want-to-do-some-races-for-fun time of year.  I was [this close] to signing up for an oly or sprint for this weekend.  But held back, knowing that Jen would probably have my hide if I pulled the trigger.  And I caught a cold and have been more like a sloth than a cheetah this week (well, let's be honest, I'm really never cheetah-like, but it sounds good!).  The odds were against having a good race this weekend.

Fortunately, there is a race the following weekend - Waterman's Oly up in Maryland.  One last hurrah for the season.  I did the half last year at Waterman's and originally had thoughts of doing the half again this year.  But Poconos went really well and I was honestly tired after that race and knew I simply didn't want to physically or mentally prepare myself to dig that deep again for a half Ironman until next year.  I feel like you can sort of fake an oly, I only need to focus for 2.5 hours instead of 5+.  It's alot easier to convince yourself to run 6.2 miles fast than it is to run 13.1 miles fast.  So that is that.  I'm already super excited to race one last time.  Short course = FUN in my book!


Katie said...

sigh. I'll get this distance next year!

B.o.B. said...

good luck at Waterman's! i'm hanging up the tri gear for the season. (i do wish i'd have gotten in an oly this year.)