31 October 2012


We got off pretty easy when it came to Hurricane/Superstorm/Megastorm Sandy.  We lost power from Monday night until sometime early Wednesday morning.  But Mr. Sweetie is always prepared and we had plenty of water and a variety of canned and dehydrated food stored in the basement - ranging from veggie soup to chocolate cheesecake (I know, I'm a little weirded out by cake that looks like something you'd buy from the tourist shop at the Air and Space Museum).  I made the mistake of watching the 2004 movie The Day After Tomorrow on Sunday night and I went to bed convinced that the storm was going to destroy us all.  You'd think that I'd outgrow the overactive imagination I had as a kid AND that I'd be able to separate fact from fiction, but apparently not.  While the power was out, I did a great job catching up on my sleep.  I slept through the height of the storm and when I woke up Tuesday morning, the worst was definitely over.  I count ourselves lucky that Miles doesn't get freaked out by storms, he and the cats slept just fine as well.  I also tried like heck to catch up on my reading but only got through 1.5 books.  So, all in all, if losing power for just over a day is the worst that happened, we fared pretty well.  I feel much worse for everyone north of us near NJ and NYC who got hit much harder.

I'm doing a bit of running and TRX and biking here and there as I feel like it.  I've never unplugged this completely (and this guilt-free) before from training.  After my first iron-distance race in 2008, I was back in the pool 48 hours later.  When I went to Burkina last October immediately following my last race, I don't think I even managed to find my way to the hotel gym, but was training again as soon as I was home.  I'm learning the importance of an off-season and that taking time off should be a guilt-free endeavor.  I'm liking the whole getting up early and running only if I feel like it.  Or maybe/maybe not bike commuting in.

I'm excited for this weekend because I'll be getting together with some of my Tucson tri camp buddies - Julia, Sarah, and Stacey!!!!  We're meeting up outside of Atlanta for a weekend of chatty girl time.  Maybe we will go swimming in the nearby lake and if I can fit my wetsuit into my luggage, I will definitely be in the water.  Or if I accidentally drink a bottle of wine, I could probably be convinced to swim even without a wetsuit.  I think there will be some cupcake consumption going on.  Probably some running (but the fun kind where you spend so much time talking, you run 5 miles without realizing it).  Definitely a lot of cooking and eating.


Melissa said...

Fun!!!!! Slightly jealous ;-)

B.o.B. said...

Glad you survived the storm!

Have a great weekend lady. Make sure not to eat the cupcakes right before you run. Vomit city.