24 October 2012

No Training And Total Laziness Make Caroline A Very Dull Girl

Things have been relatively quiet over here lately.  No races to talk about, no training (because bike commuting doesn't count as training).  I haven't gone on another cupcake binge or chocolate binge (unless picking through my chocolate granola for all of the chocolate pieces first qualifies).  So, what have I been doing?

- I've been lazy.  I haven't rolled out of bed much before 7/7:30am on a daily basis.

- You know how I said the off-season is great because now I have time to straighten my hair?  That lasted all of three days.  Sleeping in took precedent and now it's back to ponytails and no makeup.  Sorry Mr. Sweetie!!

- Far too much time on Facebook.

- Far too much time watching The Office on Netflix.

- And I've eaten almost a whole apple pie on my own since Sunday.

- I've been catching up on my reading - The Mission Song and Drowning Ruth are currently at the top of the book pile on my nightstand.

- I've squirted my cat with the squirt bottle to the point where he is soaking wet (we had a fight over shallots and I don't take kindly to my cat stealing them from right out under my nose).  Maybe I would feel badly about this if Bissell showed remorse but he hasn't mastered that emotion yet.

- And I've had lots of puppy cuddles as Miles wholeheartedly approves this whole staying-in-bed-way-past-your-alarm thing.

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Tami said...

Haha! This post sounds like exactly what I've been doing!

I lose entire afternoons to pinterest and facebook!

I've started and caught up to the third season of Walking Dead in the past 2 weeks.

And, my pants are getting a little tight. It's not the good tight that you get when you're training a lot and your quads get bigger.
It's bad tight. Too much wine and truffles tight.

Btw, I can send you the truffle recipe if you like. Drag you down with me :)Haha