09 October 2012

Eighteen Cupcakes

Sugar makes us happy.
It's not quite the end of the season, but we've been talking about doing a cupcake tour of DC for months now and it finally happened this past weekend.  Crumbs, Baked and Wired, and Buzz were represented, along with Katie's favorite bakery in PA.  So. Much. Sugar.  I'm rather proud of the fact that the four of us (two spousal units also joined in to help us out) did alot of damage to the 18 cupcakes.  That's like the number of cupcakes a second grader would bring in to share with his class on his birthday.  Thank goodness for high metabolism.  And let's not overlook the fantastic peanut butter cup pie we had in ADDITION to the 18 cupcakes.

I spent alot of last week preparing for the cupcake tour while simultaneously recovering from Poconos 70.3 and a snotty cold I managed to pick up.  This meant minimal workouts and maximum dessert consumption.  I should totally be race ready for Watermans come this weekend.  Yup.

In all fairness, I did get back on the training wagon this past weekend.  There was some social kick in the pool with Kendra on Friday before she jetted off to Kona.  My poor rear end remembered what it was like to sit on a bike seat for awhile on Saturday after a chatty ride with friends AND a bike ride out to Loudon County to see my aunt and two cousins (FYI - the W&OD is faster than 66 on a Saturday afternoon.  And faster than Metro).  I gamely joined in an unscheduled pool workout on Sunday in an attempt to burn more calories and make room for cupcakes.  It worked.

And now I leave you with this.  My two your old cousin Xander.  The kid loves bikes and gadgets.  I'm counting down to when I get to enter him into his first triathlon.  From the looks of it, he's more than ready.

Starting 'em young!


GoBigGreen said...

Ok you had better be healthy for our weekend in GA:)
And congrats on the cupcakes, nice work!

B.o.B. said...

I saw that pie in Katie's posted and lamented that I did not get a Caroline pie. lol!

Glad you are feeling better. DC has some fab cupcakes for sure.

Your Cousin = adorable.

The Miller Family said...

YUM!!!! I am excited for the off season......Congrats on Poconos and a great year Caroline!

Caroline said...

I am well on the road to recovery Julia!! So much sleep! Can't wait for the GA trip! Beth - next time you are up here, pie will be yours! Something about the fall brings out the Betty Crocker for a couple months. Thanks so much Stacey!! I hope your marathon training is going awesome - maybe a long run while we are in GA?