25 October 2012

It's Fall

Even though the weather has been relatively warm compared to other parts of the country (I've heard it has been snowing in MN and CO is expecting snow - too early!!), fall has subtly been pushing summer to the wayside, until suddenly summer seems like a distant memory in the rearview mirror.  Instead of being assaulted by gnats during my bike commute home, my tires are crunching through fallen leaves.  Rather than arriving home in a pile of sweat at 7:30pm while the sun and heat are still out in full force, I'm darting out of the office by 5:30 so I can make it home before dusk (almost sweat-free, might I add).  This is near-perfect bike commuting weather.

I'm not a big coffee drinker, but the cooler weather makes me want a pumpkin spice latte; fortunately, Mr. Sweetie is more than happy to have an additional excuse to use his espresso machine (I'm worried if I ever learn to work that thing, it will be lattes 24/7.  A slippery slope).

It's almost Halloween and I'm pulling together a costume for this year.  Unless you count dressing up in 80s gear to cheer on the Marine Corps Marathon runners in 2011, it has been awhile since I dressed up.  And it has been even longer since I put much effort into a costume - I actually visited a fabric store and everything.  I won't be breaking out the sewing machine (mostly because I don't have one), but there will be fabric glue involved.  As well as a lampshade.  Fabric fringe.  And fishnet stockings.  Any guesses?

And what would the fall be without a freak storm?  Last year we had some snow on the last weekend in October (I remember reading the weather reports when I was in Burkina - 90+ degrees - and thinking it couldn't possibly be getting ready to snow.  I was still in summer mode).  If I could have a second career, I think it would be fascinating to be a meteorologist (NOT the one standing in front of the green screen with too much makeup and a loud pink outfit - behind the scenes please!).  I've been reading the Capital Weather Gang posts about this impending storm and I think they always do a great job putting everything into easy-to-understand layman's terms.  We didn't lose power during the Derecho so here's to hoping if we have a direct hit, we won't lose power this time either.

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