29 October 2012

Spectathlete Report: 2012 Marine Corps Marathon

I've come to the conclusion that I never want to run the Marine Corps Marathon... Because cheering for it is about 100 billion times more fun than running it!

Especially when wearing this and cheering with a Teletubby and other fun friends:

Cheering on the runners in Crystal City

I will say, however, it's not the easiest thing to ride a bike while wearing a lampshade around your waist.  And let's not get into what it's like to bike while wearing fishnet stockings.  Ouch.

MCM is extremely spectator friendly - especially for those with bikes.  I accidentally overslept (welcome to my life) and didn't get out the door until after 9am.  I debated the merits of wearing the lampshade around my waist as I biked out of the neighborhood, but wasn't having an easy time getting onto my bike while wearing it.  I managed to hook it around my small backpack and then took off down the bike path wearing micro-mini bike shorts and fishnet stockings.  Totally normal.  I met up with my friend Sarah at Mile 12 on one side of Hain's Point, then made my way over to the other side of Hains, meeting up with my friend Joe around Mile 15 to do some more cheering.  We moved onto the desolate 14th Street Bridge (I think that's about Mile 20/21?).  I feel like there were more spectators out there than when I've done it, so that was good to see.  That part of the race is wretched and my least favorite section.  Then I biked over to Crystal City a little before the 23 mile marker, meeting up with Val, Sam, Mary, and a Teletubby named Ryan for some more serious cheering. 

Great job to all of my friends that I saw out running the course (and those that I missed - like speedy Brad Holzwart, 2:52 ow OW OWWW!)  Congrats to Ebo for a huge PR, Megan for her first marathon, Thom for his big PR, and Rachel for meowing her way to the finish of her 4th marathon and Katie for kicking butt in her 3rd marathon!  And everyone else who braved the wind and had a fantastic race!

2012 Family Christmas Card?


Allison said...

I love spectating at MCM! It's always so much fun.

onthebusrunning said...

Thanks, Caroline! I'm sorry I missed you, but that costume is hands down the best.