19 October 2012

Living the Sloth Life

With my last race being on Sunday of last weekend, Jen designated this week as a deep rest week - explicitly saying NOTHING ACTIVE... NOT EVEN BIKE COMMUTING.

So far, I've adhered to these instructions to a fault.  It's scary to admit how much I'm loving not having a reason to get up before 7am.  Even if I'm awake at 6, I lay in bed until at least 7:15 just because I can.  Then at night I get home and I play on facebook and write on the blog.  While eating ice cream and chocolate (obviously).  Mr. Sweetie and I have torn through about half the episodes of Season 6 of The Office on Netflix over the past few evenings.  And each morning when I wake up and think, maybe I should do something.  Then I just roll over and scroll through Facebook on my phone instead.

Should I be worried that I'm finding it WAY too easy to be lazy?  I don't even feel guilty.  This is probably a sign that I was more than ready and due for a break.  As each year goes by, I have less and less of a problem taking a guilt-free break.

Here's to hoping that SOMEDAY in the next month I feel guilty enough to put on my running shoes or swim goggles, even if it's only with the hope of staving off the carnage all those holiday pies will wreak on me if I don't do something.

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The Miller Family said...

We will swim next month right ;) Glad to see you are enjoying your down time!